Parabeam Long Range Driveway Alarms / Perimeter Alert Systems. Wireless, solar recharging, point-to-point, infrared security beam. Six zone receiver. GSM text message alert. Expandable systems.


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     Parabeam Driveway Alarms / Perimeter Alert Systems, detect visitors, customers and intruders BEFORE they reach your property. We help with rural crime prevention
Parabeam - Your first line of defence

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NEW.... Advance Alert Driveway And Perimeter Systems Wireless Driveway And Perimeter AlarmSystems | Rural Crime Prevention

Our exciting new range of point-to-point infrared beam systems suite less demanding sites
and are very cost effective and easy to install.

Whilst keeping the same level of reliability as the Parabeam systems, Advance Alert takes care of
driveways and entrances up to 12m wide and a wireless range of up to 200m

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